Welcome to Black Hound, where capturing your dogs unique character is my passion. If you have a fluffy family member that has a personality you want to have displayed on your wall, take a look at my ever expanding gallery, get inspired with what your pet could look like, and book your shoot today. Capturing that treasured image will provide a lasting memory of your beloved dog for years to come. Don't delay, get your dog booked in today, and experience the simple joy one of my portraits can offer.

My Story

Hi, I'm James. A photographer, film maker, and designer on the sunny coast of Bournemouth. I've always had a love for animals and having a variety of pets in my childhood has given insight into each of their unique characters. It wasn't until I started photography as more than just a passion, when I realised wouldn't it be great to capture that joyful look of your fluffy family member, and surely there are dog owners out there wanting the same thing. After a long walk along Studland beach, witnessing hundreds of people out in the fresh air with their dog by their side, playing in the sand and sea, the decision was made right then to start my collection of characterful dog portraits. After a handful of test shoots with friends, I finally cracked the style that I love. A captured moment in time of the unique personality from every subject. No two dogs are the same, and my photography shows off the best of your dog. I am now addicted to building up my collection of models, and I'm constantly looking for new smiling faces to sit in front of my camera.


The Editing Process

How do I get my shots to look the way they do? Well it takes a lot of work once the shoot is finished. This is where my skills in photo editing come in to play. The images that come straight out of the camera are just the start of your unique portrait. I will sort through all the images and apply a base level correction so it helps you see what shape the final image will take. All of the shots which I think are worthy of the next stage are put into contact sheets for you to look through and decide which one (or more) you would like me to work on as the final edit. Any colour preferences will be discussed in that session, as you may have a wall colour that will compliment the image well, and I then get to work on creating your characterful portrait. The process can take anywhere between 1-3 hours. Some dogs are just messy, and even if you think they are clean before the shoot, my macro lens pics up every stray hair and crumb of food they may have missed.

Take a look at the videos below to get an idea of how the shots go through the editing process. 

Before and after the edit
Before and after the edit

Before and after the edit